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S. A. J. Lyttek, a multiple award-winning writer, always loved writing, but didn’t arrive at the profession in the typical manner. After college and graduate school, she plunged into government consulting. In this environment, she discovered a knack for writing tests, interviews and other measurements. That soon became the focus of her career—reigniting her love for the written word. Thus captivated, she spent evenings freelancing “fun” writing including short stories, poems, articles and cards. When her eldest was a toddler, she quit full-time work to stay home and write. Eager to spend more time with her children, homeschooling intrigued her. From preschool through high school, she homeschooled both sons while continuing to freelance. An integral part of the homeschooling community, she has developed and taught writing classes to a generation of homeschoolers. Married to her childhood sweetheart, Gary, Mrs. Lyttek loves to share her commitment to homeschoolers and her fascination with the written word.

Hurricanes and Other Storms

9/15/2018 10:26:00 PM BY Susan Lyttek

This past week much of the East Coast prepared in case Hurricane Florence tracked their direction. While it was still out at sea, the path it would take was anyone’s guess. Yes, there were a few likely scenarios based on wind velocity, currents and previous hurricane records, but in truth, no one really knew. So we prepared. For many, the preparation was more of a drill or an exercise. For others, particularly in North Carolina, it was a necessary precaution.

The events of the week got me thinking. Preparing for and surviving violent storms is a good metaphor for life. My pastor quoted someone recently—you are either headed for a storm, are in a storm or are coming out of a storm. That’s life. We never know how long the storm will be or who will be on the other side. We only know that God holds our hand all the way through.

In my circles, my mother has had more than her share of stormy weather this year. She has been sick—hospitalized or in nursing care—since mid-July at this point. Before that, she had her dream cruise interrupted to find herself in a hospital in the Cayman Islands. Before that, she was hospitalized for several weeks with bronchitis. This has not been her year.

Last week, she passed her physical therapy goals and was released to go home.

Less than twelve hours later, she was hospitalized with two serious infections that she had picked up while in nursing care. Now, after almost a week in the hospital, she is back in nursing care again because she needs six weeks of intravenous antibiotics. Not fair. The storm is raging around her and whenever it seems like the sun might break through, the winds rush in and the torrents drown her hopes.

She is sad and frustrated and having a hard time finding hope. Understandable.

But even if she doesn’t see it, she was prepared for this storm. Most nights when I call my mom, she will tell me about a friend who came by or one of her pastors. Usually my call happens not long before she expects my sister to show up for her daily visit. My other sister often shows up on her way into work. And my dad? My dad has cancelled many of the activities that he adores to be by her side.

Over the years as she poured her life into those around her, she was stockpiling love, faith and hope in case of a really bad storm. And as this hurricane swells around her, people keep coming to see her and to give her back a bit of what she needs to keep going.

I keep praying that the storm ends and she mends. I pray that as soon as this six-week period is over, she gets to go home and start (gradually) her regular activities again. I’m praying for sunshine. But until then, I know love surrounds her and I am grateful.