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S. A. J. Lyttek, a multiple award-winning writer, always loved writing, but didn’t arrive at the profession in the typical manner. After college and graduate school, she plunged into government consulting. In this environment, she discovered a knack for writing tests, interviews and other measurements. That soon became the focus of her career—reigniting her love for the written word. Thus captivated, she spent evenings freelancing “fun” writing including short stories, poems, articles and cards. When her eldest was a toddler, she quit full-time work to stay home and write. Eager to spend more time with her children, homeschooling intrigued her. From preschool through high school, she homeschooled both sons while continuing to freelance. An integral part of the homeschooling community, she has developed and taught writing classes to a generation of homeschoolers. Married to her childhood sweetheart, Gary, Mrs. Lyttek loves to share her commitment to homeschoolers and her fascination with the written word.

Power of the Coupon Revisited

3/20/2019 5:22:00 PM BY Susan Lyttek

I just got home from the grocery store. Now, I would be lying if I said I enjoyed shopping in any form. My friend Angela is about the only one I know who makes me look forward to shopping. (She can make it fun.) But what I do like about it, what I have always liked about the whole experience, is trying to win.

This post sort of answers what my sister Deb said I should post on—about a month ago, I think. Between the retreat and the flu, I got sidetracked.

When I was in college, and everyone else was busy and I wanted to escape, I would take $5.00 and head to the mall. My goal was to see how long I could take to spend it and how far I could stretch it. That was the 80s, so my guess is that it would take a $20 to recreate the experience. But still, I would find crazy deals by taking my time and assessing the value of the item versus the experience. My crowning $5.00 trip included almost five hours of deliberating, but I got to savor a hot pretzel and a bowl of soup for lunch, find two crazy nail polish colors and a fun sweater on clearance.

In other words, for me, the experience is worth more than the goods I turn my money over for. It is a battle, but one that, with care and wisdom, I can win.

This whole topic came up when Deb asked me how I had spent my birthday. (Months ago now…) I had gathered assorted coupons and signed up for every birthday deal that meant anything to me. Starting a couple of days and ending the weekend after, I used birthday coupons for several free meals, free dessert (that I gave to Karl), a sweater with the birthday Kohl’s cash, a cool pen from a local bookstore, new pillowcases with another birthday coupon and more stuff that I have forgotten. And a few of the coupons, I chose not to use for one reason or another. But, in other words, it was a series of mini victories, as well as time to spend with Gary and Karl. Like my college excursions, the goal was always to enjoy the time by making sure that I felt value each time a coupon was turned in.

So where am I going with all of this? Good question. I have always thought (though not always followed through) that we should spend our time with the same care that we spend our money. It is so easy to waste the gift of 24 hours that we are given each day.

How would this world be different if we took each minute and said to ourselves, how can I win with this gift I have been given?