Tales of fantasy,
mystery and adventure
under the influence
of Christian homeschooling


Susan's Cozy Mystery Series Begins with...


Army wife and homeschooling mom, Jeanine Talbott has a busy week scheduled, so when her husband’s transfer orders come through, she decides to let him pick out the new house and move their goods while she and the kids slowly wrap up the life they’ve grown to love.

As she pulls up to their new residence, she discovers her darling bought a charming fixer-upper complete with rather unexpected neighbors—a graveyard full of Civil War veterans.

As the family, gets settled in Gentle Springs, Jeanine hears strange noises coming from next door. Then, James goes TDY and while he's gone, their dog escapes the yard and finds a fresh body in the cemetery. Suddenly, the Talbotts have two mysteries on their hands: who killed the treasure hunter the dog unearths, and what secret was he trying to uncover at the tomb of town hero, Captain Cooperton?


Guzzy Goofball


I like summer. What kid doesn’t? But inevitably my mom gets some crazy idea that I need to be doing something constructive.

That’s what destroyed a perfectly good week in July. My mom and Mrs. Bartle ganged up on Shriek and me and convinced us we’d love some time with kids our age and away from our homeschools. We’d be in a drama co-op, no less, with other fourth to sixth graders. OK, that was bad enough.

But when I show up to discover I’m one of two guys amid a bunch of cackling girls… And they decide to put on a production of Sleeping Beauty and draft yours truly,Guzzy Guferntible, into the role of Prince Charming. Me, on stage, armed with a plastic sword? If that’s not a recipe for disaster, I don’t know what is.