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S. A. J. Lyttek, a multiple award-winning writer, always loved writing, but didn’t arrive at the profession in the typical manner. After college and graduate school, she plunged into government consulting. In this environment, she discovered a knack for writing tests, interviews and other measurements. That soon became the focus of her career—reigniting her love for the written word. Thus captivated, she spent evenings freelancing “fun” writing including short stories, poems, articles and cards. When her eldest was a toddler, she quit full-time work to stay home and write. Eager to spend more time with her children, homeschooling intrigued her. From preschool through high school, she homeschooled both sons while continuing to freelance. An integral part of the homeschooling community, she has developed and taught writing classes to a generation of homeschoolers. Married to her childhood sweetheart, Gary, Mrs. Lyttek loves to share her commitment to homeschoolers and her fascination with the written word.

Why I Know There is a Hell

8/18/2018 7:35:00 PM BY Susan Lyttek

This post is definitely not as fun to write as my last one. But this is point two that I received from my pastor’s sermon a couple of weeks ago. He mentioned the declining numbers of Christians who believe in the existence of hell.

Revelation 20:15: And anyone not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire. (HCSB)

I want to say that I was convinced of the reality and pain of hell a long time before I was convinced heaven was a good thing.

As an angry teen, I turned away from anything having to do with the idea of God. That left me wide open to a host of influences. One of these was a voice that spoke to me—giving me advice and visions.

He never gave me a name.

I mentioned that because it was popular for a while to have people talk about their spirit guides. They identified them with some ancient figure of importance. I never asked for a name, so I never got one. I asked for power. That I received—sorta. I had some visions that came true. I predicted things for my friends and to gain friends. But it came with a price.

Many of the things I did as a teen that I regret, I did at the request of the voice. If you smoke, it said, it will clear your mind so you can hear me better. If you party, it will open up your mind so you can hear me better. Its voice wove through my days. Somedays I felt almost normal. Other days, the voice fogged reality and I often couldn’t remember what I did or where I’d been.

On many of those days, I wrote. I have always written.

After I committed my life and days to Jesus at 23, we went through my writings. Most of them were dark. I talked about the prison of silence, visions of demons and death. A lot. But one page encapsulated all of those ideas. In it, I saw hell.

You have to remember that I had no recollection of writing that page. As with many things with the voice, life had blurred while I composed what it had shown me.

I wore a white dress and walked a narrow path that crossed a pit. Beneath me, fire raged and the heat was almost too much to bear. Hands reached up and tried to grab me and pull me into the flames that burned but did not consume.  Voices taunted me. They claimed I would be with them soon enough. A beautiful being with evil eyes beckoned me to come to him. I had to cross the entire pit to do that. Somehow I knew that if I made it all the way across, there would be no turning back.

Pressure from an invisible hand as large as my body fought me and would not let me cross. To this day, I believe it was the hand of God protecting me, choosing me, rescuing me from an eternity in hell. To this day, I believe that beautiful being was Satan.

I can’t explain everything in a blog post. There isn’t room for that. But trust me when I say that hell is not a place anyone you love should go. It’s not for people. And we can avoid it because Jesus conquered death and hell.

Is your name written in the book of Life?