About Susan

My Passions:

  • To help struggling/reluctant boy readers learn to love books
  • To encourage authentic and creative living in the Christian community
  • To grow the next generation(s) of writers.



Why do I love these things and do what I do? I have taught reading and writing to many boys over the years and their struggles break my heart. I want them to be able to read something that they want to read--not books geared to girls or books geared for younger kids. I am also the mother on one young man who went through the same trials. Secondly, Christians filling their lives with busy-ness and doing for approval rather than using their gifts or discovering their gifts gets to me. In that same vein, I get tired of Christians telling me they're not creative just because they don't write or paint or crochet. Please. You can be a creative organizer, a creative teacher, a creative listener, etc. It is in our conversations with God that we find that creativity and have the opportunity to live in it rather than running on the hamster wheel. Lastly, I teach homeschoolers writing online and in person because nothing blesses me more than that 'a-ha' moment when my student gets it and suddenly finds writing easier, or even better, fun!